Just one drop of blood is enough!

NG PRECISION+ is the 1st all-in-one blood pregnancy test to do at home for a quick result! Already used in the professional environment, NG PRECISION+ revolutionizes the world of pregnancy tests by allowing you a reliable and immediate diagnosis. It can be carried out at any time, its use is practical and hygienic.

Why You Should Choose NG Precision+ Test?

"Soft, Safe & Sustainable"

Femometer menstrual cup is made of superior ultra-soft medical-grade silicone that’s free of BPA and other toxic chemicals, which ensures the comfort, security & endurance of the usage. Each cup also comes with a clean sanitary bag.

"Easy to Use"

The soft silicone material makes it easy to fold and insert. The tapered & textured grip prevent slipping out of your hand & overflow all around.

"Trouble-free All Day"

No need to worry about the leakage during daytime and sleep well at nighttime. Each cup could be worn up to 12 consecutive hours

"Athletically & Environmentally Friendly"

If you live a life on the move, that’s okay. You could wear it during swimming, hiking, running & etc. A cup could be reused for many years so it will cause way less burdens to our mother earth than tampons.

Helping women create their moment

+ No more testing on the toilet
+ No more urine on the fingers
+ No more waiting for the morning

Reliable, Acccurate And Fast

The doctor uses blood, and now so can the patient.

+ Improved performance: increased accurancy & sensitivity (10mIU/mL)
+ True early detection: Eairler than urine (up to 3 days sooner)

What Does The Test Consist Of?

✶ All-In-One Test Kit
✶ Alcohol Wipe
✶ User Manual

How To Use My NG Precision+ Pregnancy Test?

When Is The Best Time To Take My NG Precision+ Pregnancy Test?

The test is able to detect a very small quantity (sensitivity of 10mIU/mL) of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), a hormone produced by the body from the start of pregnancy. It is recommended to use the test as close as possible to the presumed date of the next period in order to obtain the best reliability of the NG PRECISION+ test. Indeed, if the test is performed too early, the hCG hormone level may not be high enough to be detected, which would lead to a negative result.

To find out the best time to conceive, use the fertile window calculator.

Fertile Window Calculator

Do you want to get pregnant and want to know your next ovulation period to give yourself the best chance? With the Fertile Window Calculator, simply enter the date of your last period and the average length of your cycles to find out your fertile window.
The average menstrual cycle is 28 days long and the ovulation date usually occurs on the 14th day of the cycle. Both the menstrual cycle and the date of ovulation vary from woman to woman and sometimes from cycle to cycle. The more regular your cycle, the more likely your ovulation period matches the calculator result. The ovulation calendar is not suitable as a method of contraception.

NG Precision+ Pregnancy Blood Test Application Steps

1. Step : Desinfect your finger with the alcohol wipe provided inside the package.
2. Step : Remove the green cap, place the grey button on your finger and push.
3. Step : Fill the blood tube completely with the blood drop.
4. Step : Flip the blood tube over to the well.
5. Step : Press the activation button.

Read The Result

Positive pregnancy test

If you are in doubt, you should not limit yourself to a negative test result, especially if your period does not come and certain physiological signs indicate that you are pregnant. We advise you to repeat the test a few days later and then consult your doctor.

Any doubts? Repeat the test.

You have taken or retaken a test and you are not pregnant

You have taken or retaken a test and you are not pregnant

If you want to get pregnant, don’t be discouraged. Gynaecologists agree that there is no need to worry until a year has passed. You should also bear in mind that fertility varies with age.