Femometer Ring

Smart Fertility & Ovulation Tracking Ring

Ovulation Tracking at Your Fingertips!

Own Your Life Easier with Unique Benefits

Ovulation Prediction

Femometer Ring detects subtle changes in your fertile window for personalized and accurate predictions on your ovulation date and best conception days.

Cycle Tracking

Femometer Ring tracks your menstrual cycle, ovulation, and patterns using finger skin temperature and shows your cycle length, period duration, symptoms, and more. The smart ring is sensitive enough to detect subtle changes in your fertile window and ovulation temperature, giving you personalized and accurate predictions on your ovulation date and best days to conceive. You can also set reminders and alerts for your next period.

Hot Flash Monitoring

Femometer Ring can also record and identify hot flashes if you're menopausal. The ring is designed to monitor how they affect your sleep quality and pre-warn you of possible hot flashes and provides practical advice to ease symptoms.

Sleep Monitoring

Femometer Ring monitors and analyses your sleep, providing practical advice to improve the quality of your rest.

Femometer Ring is your new personal fertility assistant, providing personalized insights based on your body temperature and sleeping data detected directly from your finger. You can access your cycle calendar, fertile window, pregnancy probability, sleep quality, and more on the Femometer App, which pairs easily and automatically with Femometer Ring. When you have control of the inner workings of your body, you are more in control of your life.

How to Use Femometer Ring

1. Wear Femometer Ring to Bed
Put on Femometer Ring before you sleep to measure your finger temperature and body movement data throughout the night while you rest.

2. Wake up and Sync
Femometer Ring syncs with your phone's Bluetooth each morning to transfer temperature and sleep data to the Femometer App for easy viewing and analysis.

3. Easy Data Viewing
Explore your data and insights to track changes overnight and receive useful feedback to help achieve your health goals.

Works While You Sleep

Wear the smart ring at night, sync in the morning.
Femometer Ring does the rest.

Measurement sensitivity up to 1/100 degrees.

Real-Time Data
Track your most fertile days and cycle phases
as they're happening.

Package Content

✶ Femometer Ring
✶ Charging Dock
✶ Adapter
✶ User Manual
✶ Quick Guide

Femometer Ring