Femometer Ivy III

Fertility Tracking Kit

Hello to Intelligent Fertility Clarity and Goodbye to Guesswork!

The IVY103 Fertility Tracking Kit works with the Femometer App and offers personalized insights and recommendations based on your menstrual cycle data and LH curves, to better help you understand your fertility cycle and optimize your best chances of conception.

Do you know when you ovulate?

Only 30% of women experience their fertility window within the clinical guidelines of their menstrual cycle. (i.e. from day 10 to day 17.) Even if your cycle is regular, the timing of your fertility window can be unpredictable. By tracking your ovulation, you can identify your most fertile days to increase your chances of getting pregnant and detect irregularities or potential health concerns. It's crucial to stay informed about your body's natural processes.

Pinpointing Your Ovulation Day Strategically - Find the time and make it happen

Couples who have intercourse at the right time double their chances of getting pregnant. The ideal time for intercourse is during ovulation, when the egg is released (between 8-20 hours after the LH peak) and most receptive to fertilization. IVY103 Fertility Tracking Kit helps predict the LH surge and makes it easier to plan the best time to conceive. Accurate and unmistakably clear results, easy to read and at your fingertips!

Fertility Plans With Clear Goals

1. APP Support
The app will automatically draw your LH curve chart using your readings, and provide in depth analysis to make understanding your cycle and fertility easier.

2. Clear Digital Display
Display screen provides straight and clear digits, taking away any guess work or doubts.

3. Target Peak Ovulation
Detect your ovulation and most fertile days in your cycle. Stay informed about your body's natural processes.

Unique Benefits that Makes IVY III Different

Achieving your conception goal by tracking your LH with IVY103, the ultimate OPK to predict your LH surge and nail the perfect time for intercourse!

Detailed Digital Display

Your LH test results are auto-syncronized. Test results are displayed in clear, digital format.

Accuracy You Can Trust

Over 99% accuracy rate at LH surge detection. Get the most accurate ovulation prediction with a lab-grade accuracy.

Get An Answer Fast

Crystal Clear displayed results in under 6 minutes at home. Understand your cycle like never before.

AI-Powered App Support

Pinpoint ovulation day using big data. Find your PERSONAL peak in LH Curve on the App. Get personalized tips and insights.

What’s included in the box

✶ Femometer Ivy III Digital Fertility Device
✶ 20 Ovulation Test Strips
✶ User Manual

How To Use

Step 1
Remove the cap of test strip and insert end into device to start the testing.

Step 2
Keep the strip submerged in the urine until device shows sampling is complete. Lay the device undisturbed on a flat surface for 6 minutes.

Step 3
Results are shown on device screen. Check the app for in depth curve chart.

If your cycle length is less than 21 days, start testing at day 5; if longer than 39 days, start testing at day 23.
If your cycle length is irregular, please start testing at day 5

Understand the Results

LOW (-)
Indicates a LOW result with a low probability of conception. Please test again after 24 hours. To ensure the accuracy of the tests, please test every day.

HIGH (+)
Indicates HIGH result. When the test detects the rise of LH, "+" will be displayed, indicating a high probability of conception. Please test every 4-6 hours afterwards. Have intercourse today to increase chances of pregnancy.

PEAK (++)
Indicates a PEAK result meaning LH surge is detected. You presently have the highest probability of conception. Please keep testing every 4-6 hours until it shows"+ or "-", which indicates that you have ovulated. Have intercourse within 24 hours to increase your chances of pregnancy.