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What is Femometer?
Femometer is a smart fertility tracker that is empowering women around the world by equipping them with data. The Femometer includes an intelligent tracking algorithm that learns to detect even the smallest fluctuations in your fertility cycle. With Femometer, women everywhere are empowered to understand their own bodies through data.
How do I use Femometer?
Using Femometer is as simple as taking your temperature in the morning. To get an accurate reading, take your temperature orally when you first wake up in the morning, before you even sit up in bed. After using Femometer, your unique temperature data is sent directly to your smartphone which will produce comprehensive and easy-to-understand charts about your health. Femometer can be set to notify you of your period, fertility window, PMS, and when it’s time to see a doctor. Join us, we’re starting a revolution of knowledgeable, empowered women just like you.
How does Femometer work?
Femometer’s advanced technology is hyper sensitive to capturing the slightest fluctuation in body temperature to within one hundredth of a degree. Femometer uses the information about your Basal Body Temperature to calculate your 6-day fertility window for pregnancy and also notify you of your period, fertility window, PMS, and when it’s time to see a doctor. With Femometer, you can own your reproductive health with smart data.
Is Femometer accurate?
Femometer uses cutting-edge technology to measure your Basal Body Temperature. Basal body temperature is your lowest, and most accurate, body temperature of the day. Femometer is sensitive enough to measure tiny changes in your body temperature and translate them into interpretable data.
What is the Basal Body Temperature?
Basal Body Temperature (BBT), also known as the waken body temperature, is your lowest body temperature of the day. By charting your BBT for a few months, you’ll be able to see whether there’s a pattern to your cycle, which helps predict ovulation as well as the best days to have sex. BBT charts can also help your doctor pinpoint the cause of any infertility issues.
How can Femometer improve my fertility tracking experience?
Femometer improves your fertility tracking experience in three different ways:Obtaining your data is as easy as taking your temperature in the morning.Femometer communicates with your smartphone to automatically keep track of your data and notifies you to important natural changes in your body.Our intelligent tracking algorithms learn to detect even the smallest fluctuations in your fertility cycle, sending you alerts.
What’s in the box?
One Femometer. One Lithium CR1632 battery. Quick start guide.
Who is the team behind Femometer?
Our team consists of a group of energetic and forward-thinking entrepreneurs and specialists based in Hangzhou, China. We envision a world where women are able to take control of their body’s data in order to make smarter decisions. You can read more about us on our About Us page.
What is the uniqueness of Femometer’s technology?
Femometer uses cutting-edge technology to measure your Basal Body Temperature and is sensitive enough to measure tiny changes in your body temperature and translate them into interpretable data. You just take your temperature in the morning and Femometer will automatically sync to the app and track your your data for you.
What features are available with Femometer?
Femometer measures your Basal Body Temperature (BBT) and automatically syncs to your phone, tracks and predicts your cycle, and alerts you to important natural changes in your body.
What material is Femometer made out of?
Femometer is made of medical-grade antibacterial and nanophase materials from Japan. This allows us to make Femometer extremely durable, sterile, and lightweight.
Does Femometer support Bluetooth connectivity?
Yes. Femometer uses low energy bluetooth to automatically connect with your phone to sync data.
Is Femometer wifi-connected?
What happens if my Bluebooth is not working?
Your data will be stored locally on the device and sent to your phone as soon as your Bluetooth connection starts working again.
Is Femometer safe?
Yes. Femometer is made of medical-grade antibacterial materials. Good health is at the core of our company and our product. Femometer is made of medical-grade antibacterial materials from Japan and has been safely tested by over 300 women to check their Basal Body Temperature.
How accurate is the data collection?
The data collection is accurate enough to measure even the tiniest changes in your body temperature and translate them into interpretable data.
Can I share my data?
Yes, you can share a secure link to view your chart with someone you choose.
How is Femometer powered?
Femometer is powered via a Lithium CR1632 battery, which is similar to those you can find in your watch. You’ll be notified when the battery in your Femometer is running low so that you can change your battery.
What phones and devices will work with Femometer?
Femometer currently works with both Android and iOS smart devices to provide a comprehensive and holistic view of your body so that all women are empowered to understand their own bodies through data.
Is Femometer safe for women of any age?
Will my data be secure?
Yes. All Femometer data is securely store on a private and encrypted network.
Where does Femometer ship to?
For now we only offer services in the territory of Turkey.
Is the cost of shipping included?
Shipping price included.
How long does it take to ship?
Depending on the weather conditions, the product reaches your hand 24-48 hours on average
What is the best time to measure BBT?
For optimal results, measure upon waking up from over 6 consecutive hours of uninterrupted sleep before undertaking any physical activity.
How long does the battery in the thermometer last?
Normally, one battery can last for about six months. But of course, how often you use it may affect how long it lasts. To save power, the Femometer has the function to enter the sleep mode automatically after ten minutes. Even without the lid on, no power will be wasted. While using the Femometer, if you find that its power goes abnormally fast, please contact us via the "Feedback" function in the APP. We will help you find out what the problem is.
How to delete my pregnancy?
There are two ways to delete your pregnancy: You may go to "Me" page, enter the pregnancy list by tapping your cycle information, and delete it; oryou may go to "Calendar" page, pull down to enter the edit mode, find the starting date of your pregnancy that you want to delete, and long press it to delete.
My thermometer cannot be connected. What might have gone wrong?
Please try to turn off and then back on the Bluetooth of your mobile, or restart your mobile to ensure your Bluetooth is working properly. As required by the system of Android phones, GPS has to be enabled before one can use the Bluetooth function. If you are using an Android mobile, please check whether your GPS is on. Please remove and then insert again the lid of your thermometer. Make sure you hear the beep as it is turned on, to ensure that your thermometer still has power and is not in sleep mode. If the problem still exists, please remove and re-install the battery to restart your thermometer.
How do I measure temperature with Femometer?
Unsheathe the thermometer, and place the metal tip of the thermometer under the tongue farther in, on either side of the lingual frenulum. To avoid temperature deviation, do not lock your lips tightly, and support the thermometer with your finger.
How do I sterilize Fermometer?
An antibacterial ABS material imported from Japan with specific antibacterial properties is used in Femometer. After use, rinse the cap with clean water, heated to not more than 50°C, or disinfect using a piece of alcohol swab (while the temperature measuring tip is water resistant, the thermometer and the electronic components on the back are not).
How long does it take to measure temperature?
The time it takes to measure temperature depends on the warming rate of the oral cavity. Keep the thermometer under the tongue for approximately 3minutes until a “beep” is heard, indicating that temperature measurement has been completed.
Does Femometer use up battery when the cap is not on?
Femometer and the cap will enter the sleeping mode after about 5 minutes. Therefore, the cap will not be charging.
If the thermometer function of Femometer is not working during the night, will the alarm sound in the morning?
The alarm will sound as long as the cap is not on.
Must the mobile phone be near the thermometer?
The mobile phone is not required for temperature measurement and when the temperature function is on, the temperature values stored in the telephone will be automatically synchronized with the application.
There were no sounds from the device for a long time after it was placed inside the mouth for taking temperature.
We have considered that you just woke up in the morning and incorporated a considerate warning. If you have seen the current temperature on the application, it means the thermometer had emitted three sounds and the temperature data have been loaded.
Ovulation does not occur at the middle or late stage of the menstruation cycle in all women. If I am ovulating during the night, can I measure my ovulation status in the morning?
Sperms can survive up to five days and the egg up to 18 hours in the female body. In other words, the ovulation day and the five days that follow (6 days) are the fertile period. By continually using two cycles, the device is expected to accurately predict the ovulation day, and the Application will report the next ovulation date. With regular use, the application will collect more data on your cycle and the ovulation predictions become more accurate over time.
If I have other questions, who should I contact?
We are receiving a lot of inquiries, and are responding as fast as possible. Please contact with any other questions you may have. We’re excited to hear from you and bring on the revolution to empower women to understand their own bodies through data.
How is the BBT curve generated?
From the first day of your menstruation to the day before your next menstruation, your daily BBT measurement will be recorded in the corresponding place in the temperature record grid as a dot. In the end, all dots will be connected in chronological order and form the BBT curve for that menstrual cycle.
How to connect Bluetooth?
First-time connection after pairing and connections afterwards are different: 1. If you are going to pair and connect for the first time, please turn on the Bluetooth of your mobile. For Android system 6.0 and above, you also need to allow the App to access your mobile's location. This is a requirement for Android system. Without allowing such access, paring cannot be completed. A few mobiles may require the enabling of GPS. Please follow the instructions on your mobile. After your Bluetooth is on, launch the App. Tap the pair button on the upper left corner to pair. 2. Once pairing is successful, the App will try to connect the hardware automatically every time it starts and the home page launches. You can also tap the pairing button on the upper left corner to connect manually.
Does Femometer App only work on certain mobile systems?
Our App is only compatible with systems above iPhone 5, iOS8.0 and Android 4.3.
How to transfer data from the thermometer to the App?
When Bluetooth is on and the sleep mode of the thermometer is off, the thermometer will be connected with your mobile automatically, and temperature data will be synchronized to the App automatically. Without having to synchronize daily, the thermometer can save 100 days of temperature data. Simply synchronize to check your temperatures and the curve. We recommend that women who are trying to conceive pay attention to BBTs every day and keep abreast of your own body's condition.
Will my measurements be saved? Will I lose them if I uninstall and reinstall?
All data will be saved on the server. Therefore, there won't be anything missing after you uninstall and reinstall. Every measurement will be displayed in the circle on the home page. The BBT curve will show the most reasonable BBT data of the day via algorithms.
How to upload logs?
You can tap "Me", the setting icon on the upper right corner, "About" at the bottom, and then upload logs to help our developers identify the issues.
How to access the cycle length and other health data?
You can access the health data you left when you first registered by tapping "Me" and then "Health Profile" in the App.
How to add BBT manually?
In the newest version, you can find "BBT logging" icon by sliding the small icon among the shortcuts in the middle of the home page to the left or to the right, and tapping it (If you cannot find it, you can tap the "shortcuts" on the very right and add it manually to the home page). Then you can add your BBT.
How to log LH test strips manually?
In the newest version, you can find "LH Test" by sliding the small icon among the shortcuts in the middle of the home page to the left or to the right, and tapping it (If you cannot find it, you can tap the "shortcuts" on the very right and add it manually to the home page). Then you can tap the "+" on the top right corner and add your LH test strip.
How to confirm ovulation date manually?
Select the date you want in "Calendar", tap "Go to record" or the editing icon and enter the recording page. Slide down and find "Ovulation". Then select "Yes".
How to add historical records?
You can tap the relevant date in "Calendar". Then go to the recording page by tapping "Go to record" or the editing icon.
How to record historical gestation?
This is not included in our App yet.
How to delete miscarriage history?
You can go to "Me", tap "Health Profile" and delete from the pregnancy list page.
How to delete historical BBT records?
Tap the temperature board on the home page and go to a list of all temperatures. iOS users can delete temperatures by sliding the date to be deleted to the left. Android users can delete temperatures by long tapping the data to be deleted. At present, users can only delete one at a time. The App doesn't support bulk deletion yet.
How to delete LH test results?
Tap the LH board on the home page and go to a list of all LH test strips. iOS users can delete temperatures by sliding the date to be deleted to the left. Android users can delete temperatures by long tapping the data to be deleted. At present, users can only delete one at a time. The App doesn't support bulk deletion yet.
How to change pregnancy time setting?
You can change the due date of your current pregnancy and the gestational age by tapping "Me" and then "Health Profile".
How to cancel the after-pill mode?
You will be able to use the same features as Femometer users with normal cycles by logging your last menstruation directly without the need for cancellation. After-pill mode allows users not to log their menstruation temporarily, because it takes time for their menstruation to resume after getting off the pills.
How long does the battery last?
The thermometer comes with one battery. Depending on how often you use it, it can last for approximately 3 to 6 months. Once the battery runs down, you can replace it with a Panasonic CR1632 button cell.
What type of batteries does it need?
We use Panasonic CR1632. It can be purchased online if you cannot find local stores selling it.
How to change the battery?
Change the battery when it runs down. You can pull the old battery out with the prying tool included in the package and replace it with a CR1632 battery. One battery lasts for about 6 months under normal use.
Which firmware version does the thermometer have?
You will see the firmware version by tapping "Me", and then "Settings" on the upper right corner in Femometer App.
How to update the firmware of the thermometer?
Please open Femometer App, go to "Me" and then "Settings" on the upper right corner. There you will see the firmware version. Once the thermometer is connected, tap the icon for Bluetooth connection to see if there is any update available. If not, please contact our technicians and provide your account number for solutions.
How to set a fixed time to remind myself? Is there an alarm clock?
You can set the alarm to a fixed time in the morning in "Me" - "Settings" - "My Thermometer". Femometer will then an alarm clock to remind you. The alarm is on even with your lid removed.
What is the piece of metal that came with the package for?
It's a prying tool to help you pry the battery out.
How to turn the thermometer off?
Ten minutes after the use of the thermometer, it will turn into sleep mode automatically with or without the lid on. If you would like to turn the sleep mode off, you can remove the lid.
How to clean the thermometer?
The white part is waterproof and can be cleaned with water. The coloured case is not waterproof. Please take great care of it while rinsing with water. To sterilize, please wipe the part you put in your mouth with an alcohol cotton pad.
How often should I clean the thermometer?
The part of Femometer that you put in your mouth is made of antibacterial ABS materials imported from Japan. It is antibacterial to a certain extent. If you don't have enough time in the morning, you can wipe it once a day before bed and put the lid on, ready to be used the next morning. If no one else uses this thermometer other than yourself, you can also rinse it with water and disinfect it once every few days with alcohol.
Compared to normal thermometers, what are the advantages of basal thermometers?
Because BBT fluctuation during ovulation can range from 0.3℃ to 0.6℃, it requires high-precision thermometers to measure BBT. The precision of normal thermometers is ±0.1℃, which is not enough for BBT measurements. Therefore, you need to use special basal thermometers with a precision of ±0.05℃,.
Compared to ear thermometers, what are the advantages of basal temperatures?
The measurement of an ear thermometer is greatly affected by the environment. Measurements of the left ear and the right ear may have a tolerance of around 0.3℃. Data measured are hardly analytically significant. How an ear thermometer works is different from how a basal thermometer works. An ear thermometer uses Infrared light to measure. Such measurements are not precise enough. Ear thermometers are mainly used to measure the temperatures of babies and young children to see whether they have got a fever or cold. They cannot be used to measure women's BBT.
What is the precision of Femometer?
The thermometer measures to a two decimal point, with a tolerance of ±0.05 ℃.
For whom Femometer is designed for?
For all women who are trying to conceive, who are avoiding pregnancy, who are in their early pregnancy, etc. It can also be used as a normal thermometer.
How to get the most accurate measurement?
Measurement is the most accurate when you measure the same place at the same time after waking up from 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep and before any physical activities.
How long does the measurement usually take?
It depends on how fast your oral temperature rises. It is normal to take from tens of seconds to several minutes. Normally, the measurement completes after you put the thermometer under your tongue for 3-5 minutes till you hear three beeps.
Where in the mouth can I get the most accurate measurement?
Please remove the lid of the thermometer. Place the metal head in the innermost of the base of the tongue and the rest on either side of the median lingual sulcus. Use your lips and fingers to lightly support the thermometer, preventing it from moving. Please do not open your mouth or breathe with your nose during the measurement.
What is BBT?
Basal body temperature(BBT) is the lowest body temperature attained after at least 6 hours’ sleep. To ensure the most accurate reading, BBT needs to be taken upon waking up and before any physical activities.
How can BBT curve help to confirm pregnancy?
When a healthy woman is not pregnant, her basal body temperature will be in a regular alteration between high and low temperatures. Generally, the high temperature period lasts for 12 to 16 days with an average of 14 days. However, women’s high temperature period becomes longer after pregnancy: Generally speaking, if there is a high temperature period for 16 consecutive days, the woman has a high possibility of pregnancy; and if the high temperature period lasts for more than 20 consecutive days, basically it will ensure the pregnancy.
How can BBT curve help to confirm ovulation?
After the ovulation, women’s basal body temperature will rise to enter a high temperature period. Until the beginning of the next cycle, it will re-enter a low temperature period. If your ovulation and corpus luteum function are normal, the body temperature curve will rise suddenly after the ovulation. Therefore, keeping a correct temperature-taking can accurately determine your ovulation time.
How can LH strips help to confirm ovulation?
The luteinizing hormone (LH) in urine peaks between 24-48 hours before the ovulation, and the ovulation test strip is used to detect the peak value of LH and thus determine the ovulation time. Instructions for use: 1. Keep the measurement once a day from Day 3 after the end of menstruation. Do not use the morning urine! Because the LH value is not the actual value after a night of accumulation in the urine! 2. The best time to collect urine is from 10 am to 8 pm, and try to use urine samples collected at the same time every day. 3. Water intake should be reduced 2 hours before the urine collection, because the diluted urine samples will hinder the detection of the peak value of luteinizing hormone (LH). 4. Hold the test strip and immerse the end with an arrow mark line into urine. The liquid level must not exceed the MAX line. Take it out and place flat after about 3 seconds. Observe the result after 10-20 minutes and the result reading within 30 minutes is valid. 5. If strong positive is measured, it is necessary to increase the measurement frequency to once every four hours, because the ovulation occurs at the alternating moment from strong positive to weak positive. How to arrange the time to make love: If the color of two bars is the same or the color of the second bar is darker than that of the first bar in the measurement, it indicates that you will ovulate within 24-48 hours. By making love from 3 days before ovulation (sperms wait for egg) to 3 days after ovulation (egg waits for sperms), it is possible to get pregnant. You can make love on the day when two bars appear in the measurement, and then have another 1 day later.
How can observation of cervical mucus help to confirm ovulation?
Cervical mucus will appear throughout the menstrual cycle, and it has subtle cyclical changes. It is known that the endometrial gland cells of cervix uterus can secrete mucus, and the amount of mucus secreted and its chemical and physical properties show obvious cyclical changes. The ovulation date can be determined according to the observation of the cervical mucus state.
What is luteal phase?
The luteal phase begins from the ovulation of ovary which leaves the corpus luteum outside of the egg, and ends with two cases: successful pregnancy, or the start of a new menstrual cycle after the luteal atrophy. For healthy individuals, the time of luteal atrophy (“luteal life”) is stable and does not change due to the cycle duration, generally 12-16 days, with an average of 14 days. The progesterone secreted by the corpus luteum in the luteal phase will lead to the increased body temperature of women which can reach above 36.9℃. And the increase in the body temperature caused by the normal concentration of hormones can be reflected on the body temperature curve which should have an obvious sudden rise and drop.
What is luteal phase defect?
Effects and manifestations of luteal phase defect: Luteal phase defect will influence the implantation, resulting in abortion and infertility. The common clinical manifestations are as follows: 1.Body temperature climbing The body temperature displays slow increase or decrease for over 3 days in the high temperature period, known as body temperature climbing. 2.Hypothermia in the luteal phase The difference between high and low temperatures in the temperature rising phase of high temperature period is within 0.3℃. 3.Too short luteal phase The duration of the high temperature period is within 9 days.
What kind of BBT curve shows no ovulation?
In the body temperature curve during your menstrual cycle, your body temperature presented a single-phase curve without any signs of temperature rising, and it was suspected of no ovulation. It is recommended to go to hospital for examination as soon as possible!
Will irregular menstruation effect prenancy?
Irregular menstruation is mainly manifested by the abnormality of the time and duration of menstruation, which is caused by many factors. If the irregular menstruation is caused by reproductive system diseases or endocrine disorders, then: 1.Accompanying with genital organ injury or abnormal secretion of estrogen and progesterone and will lead to infertility. 2.Cycle disorder occurs, the ovulation date is difficult to predict, and the best time of conception can not be determined. The combination of the above two scenarios makes it quite difficult for women to get pregnant successfully. If early menstruation or menstruation delay only occurs occasionally as shown in the figure below, it usually does not have a great influence on pregnancy, and you do not need to worry too much. 1.Repeated massive bleeding in non-menstrual period 2.Menstruation-like bleeding after making love 3.Menstruation lasts for more than 7 days (normal range: 2-7 days) 4.Time interval between two menstruations is far less than a month (normal range: 21-36 days) 5.Lose so much blood that you feel difficult to keep your clothes or sheet clean
How can BBT curve help in the early stage of pregnancy?
Women’s body temperature is usually maintained in a stable range after pregnancy. If there is a change, it will still be maintained within the range of 36.9 - 37.2℃. While in the early stage of pregnancy, an occasional decline in body temperature is also a normal phenomenon. Don’t be too nervous, and go to hospital regularly for examination. Having a pleasure feeling will be beneficial to the healthy growth of the baby. Repeated ups and downs of body temperature may be an indication of corpus luteum insufficiency which may lead to abortion. Especially for those who have experienced abortion, it is recommended to go to hospital for examination in time, and follow the doctor’s advice to take corresponding measures.
What kind of BBT curve shows in the early stage of pregnancy?
The BBT curve will maintain in high temperature period since luteal phase. If there is a change, it will still be maintained within the range of 36.9 - 37.2℃.
How can BBT curve help to predict next menstruation?
The luteal phase begins with the ovulation and leads to an obvious increase in basal body temperature. Generally, the duration of the luteal phase of a healthy woman is basically stable at a certain number of about 14 days. If your ovulation and corpus luteum function are normal, the next menstrual cycle can be very accurately predicted according to your stable luteal phase after the ovulation is detected by the body temperature curve. Even if the time of the menstrual period and follicular phase in the early stage of the entire cycle are irregular, the next menstruation can also be accurately predicted!
Why does fertile phase come immediately after the menstrual period?
The luteal phase begins with the ovulation of ovary which leaves the corpus luteum outside of the egg, and ends with two cases: successful pregnancy, or the start of a new menstrual cycle after the luteal atrophy. Therefore, for the normal women who are not pregnant, the duration of the luteal phase is the time of the luteal atrophy, which will not change with the duration of the whole menstrual cycle and is basically stable for about 14 days.
Why should take extra folic acid?
Folic acid has the function of prevention of babydeformity, prevention of anemia during pregnancy and prevention of breast cancer. Folic acid is extracted from spinach leaves. It is essentially a water-soluble vitamin, known as vitamin B9. It is indispensable for the human body to create red blood cells. Although there are many plants containing folic acid in life, the folic acid that the human body really gets from food is not much, for the natural folic acid is very unstable and can be oxidated easily under the effects of sunlight and heating etc.
How to take folic acid?
Small tips for taking folic acid: Begin from 3 months before pregnancy Generally speaking, the dose of pre-pregnancy is about 400 μg/day, but it varies according to specific individual condition. If you cannot make an accurate decision, it is recommended to go to hospital for detailed consultation. Best in the morning of a day Among the 24 hours of a day, the best time to take folic acid is in the morning. At half of an hour or one hour after breakfast, the body’s absorption efficiency on folic acid is relatively high. Stop taking after the early pregnancy period For the fetus, the first three months of pregnancy is the peak stage of nervous system development. Timely taking of folic acid can reduce the possibility of fetal neural tube defects, and can also benefit the development of brain. Therefore, it is recommended that mothers adhere to taking folic acid at least until the end of early pregnancy period, i.e., the first three months of pregnancy.
What if I have to use the bathroom first?
It happens when you’re unable to take BBT upon waking up. In this case, try not to cause any emotional fluctuation and the BBT will be fine.
Do I have to take BBT at fixed time everyday?
It’s better if you have a regular sleep habit and wake up at the same time everyday. But it’s OK if you don’t. Simply make sure BBT is taken after 6 hours’ sleep and before any physical activities. The algorithm of Femometer app can detect invalid data. The more you use femometer, the better it will know you.

Welcome to use Earmo

The following FAQ section can lead to quick guide.For further problems, please click ' ' in APP and we will give the response as soon as possible.

How to use Earmo?

  • Step 1:Press the button to turn Earmo on.A sound of beep indicates it gets ready.

  • Step2: Insert into ear canel and press the button another time. Measurement is done after a sound of beep.

  • Step3: It will automatically switch off in 20s without any operation.

How to increase accuracy?

1.Time Interval

  • Wrong : Continuous measure

  • Right :Leave 5 seconds as interval

2.Measuring Condition

  • Wrong: Change a different place to measure in less than 30mins

  • Right: Take temperature in the same room as storage

3.Measuring method

  • Wrong:Insert Earmo deep into ear canal with strength

  • Right: Gently pull the ear back and insert

What do abnormal signs mean?

  • Low: Detected object temperature <89.6°F

  • High: Detected object temperature> 109.2°F

  • Error: Operation condition is beyond 60.8°F-104°F

How to keep Earmo clean?

Earwax not only affects the accuracy, but also cause infection. It is recommended to clean the probe after each use.

  • Wrong:Wash by water

  • Right: Alcohol pad

How to update device?

The APP will automatically detect the availability of latest firmware version and show the result by the state of button.You can find it in .

How to switch temperature unit?

You can change unit in BonBaby App- .

And when the Earmo device is connected with app, you can directly change in Earmo page.

How to use the Dolphin nasal aspirator?
Place the cap in front of the nostril, press the power button to start absorbing continuously or discontinuously from the hole. Release the power button if you want to stop. You can also press the music button, so 12 well-known lullabies will play in order to alleviate the unrest of the baby due to snot pulling sound.
What are the differences between different suction heads?
You can choose the appropriate title depending on the shape and size of the nostril and the hardness of the nasal secretions in the nasal secretions. The short cap is used for thick nasal secretions and the long-tipped cap is used for thin and liquid nasal secretions.
Can a nasal aspirator be used in children if there is a nasal bleeding?
If your baby has nosebleeds, acute head, facial, neck injuries, coagulation or hemorrhagic diseases, you'd better not to use the nasal aspirator to avoid the damage to baby's nose.
How do you know that the nasal aspirator is out of power?
Replace the new 5 alkaline battery if the suction is significantly reduced or the motor sound is significantly reduced.
Does the nose aspirator have noise when it works? Is it loud?
This nasal aspirator is designed with low noise which has no effect on sleep. The noise value is not louder than 80db.
How to play the music of the nasal aspirator?
You can click on the music button besides the power button to play the music.
How to turn off the music?
Long press the music button to turn it off. The device has 12 well-known nursery rhymes which can alleviate the baby's unsuitable mode caused by snuffing snots. You can switch different music by pressing the music key continuously.
How to clean the nasal aspirator?
You can remove the headgear and the collection cup, and the cup can be sterilized with boiling water. Please note that the nasal aspirator is not waterproof and can not be immersed in water.
Why doesn't the nasal aspirator work?
Please check the battery and change a five alkaline battery if there is no electricity. please note that the rechargeable battery is not applicable.
How to extend the service life of the nasal aspirator?
If you do not use this product for a long time, please remove the battery to ensure the product life. Battery leakage will damage the product.
Can it be used to absorb water?
It is used to absorb nasal secretions. Don't use it to absorb water or suck the skin.
When the battery is loaded, the machine has action sounds, but no suction?
Please check if the gray sealing ring exists in the collector. In addition, please check whether there is water droplet or foreign body covering on the waterproof breathable film. (lost the gray sealing ring will cause the collector and collector cup is not tight, resulting in gas leakage, there's no suction) (If the waterproof breathable film is covered with water droplets or foreign objects, the suction port of the motor will be blocked and unable to suck)
When the waterproof breathable film is broken, can the machine be used?
No. If machine is upside down, the liquid in the collecting cup will pass through the broken film into the tube, the liquid will be sucked into the machine and damage the product.
When a new battery loaded, the gray sealing ring also exists, but press no action?
Please make sure that after cleaning the suction head, you must wait until it's dry, the moisture vapor will be into the host and cause the device lose suction when using moisture components.
Strictly operate according to the guidelines, but press still no action?
May be in use, the drop caused by the circuit board and wire welding point off, resulting in poor contact, please contact us about repair.
Is the cost of shipping included?
Shipping price included.
How long does the shipment take?
Depending on the weather conditions, the product reaches your hand 24-48 hours on average.
Who will I contact for my other questions?
We take a lot of questions and we answer as quickly as we can. You can send your questions to We would be happy to hear from you and support women to recognize their bodies through data.
The suction force of the nasal aspirator feels week.
Dolphin Electronic Nasal Aspirator has the maximum suction force (≥350 mmHg) allowed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). While it may seem that the suction force is too weak, using suction forces higher than the FDA-standardized safe levels to clean your infant’s nose may harm nasal capillaries, which may in turn result in permanent nasal damage. Moreover, nasal wetness and moisture during cleaning is important to ensure a comfortable and fun experience. A low suction force may also be caused by weak batteries. Please be sure to check the batteries depending on your frequency of use.
Does the nasal aspirator contain BPA?
The suction nozzles of Dolphin Electronic Nasal Aspirator are free from BPA, which is highly important for your infant’s health. You can reuse the nozzles several times after cleaning with water.

Welcome to use Growp

The following FAQ section can lead to quick guide.For further problems, please click ' ' in APP and we will give the response as soon as possible.

How to turn on the device?

Caution: Please confirm that the ruler is placed above the scale.

The whole system will be automatically turned on when baby steps onto the scale.

Rotate the bottom of ruler and it will be waked up.

How to increase accuracy?


  • Wrong: Pull the tape fast can lead to smaller result.

  • Right: Pull the tape with low or medium speed.


  • Wrong: Use the scale on soft surface(e.g. carpet) can lead to smaller result.

  • Right: Use it on hard surface(e.g.floor)

What is the range?


Range: 1~150cmPrecision: 0.2cm


Range: 2~150kg Precision: 50g

How to switch the unit?

Generally, you can change in

When the device is connected with App, you can directly change in.

What if the device can't be turned on?

When the scale light is on, but the ruler screen doesn't show anything, it may possibly be caused by the following reasons:

  • Reason: The telltale hole get blocked.

  • Solution: Move the feet or other stuff away from it and retry.

  • Reason: Ceiling height is over 3.5m or the ceiling color is too dark.

  • Solution: You can change the room where the ceiling is bright and normal height and retry.