Booster Chewable Pastilles to Increase Breast Milk

Why Mixwell

Milxwell® is a high-quality innovative food supplement consisting of a combination of herbs, specially formulized for breastfeeding mothers to help them to increase their breast milk. It is free from any additives and safe for you and your infant. Its specially designed form provides chewable consumption thus you can spend more time with your infant.

Increase Your Miracle

Mother's milk is a miracle and every drop of it is precious for your infant. Please try to breastfeed your infant up to two years old.

Easy-to-Chew Form and Excellent Taste

Thanks to its specially designed and developed form, you can chew without sticking or harming your teeth. In addition to the natural herbal flavors, it is specially sweetened with cinnamon and vanilla. Please drink a glass of water after each use.

No Sugar, No Gluten, No Palm Oil

In the formulation of milxwell, we do not use any sugar, gluten or palm oil. Its herbal content is free from any substances that may be harmful to you or your infant.

Special Packaging

The blister packaging prevents from air contact and allows you to consume milxwell always fresh.

Ingredients And Instructions For Use

Anise Oil: 1,85 mg
Barley Malt Extract: 36,95 mg
Vitamin C: 29,56 mg
Fenugreek Extract: 18,47 mg
Nettle Extract: 36,95 mg
Clove Oil: 0,55 mg
Goat's Rue Extract: 5,54 mg
Fennel Oil: 7,39 mg
Rooibos Extract: 9,61 mg