Laxative Chewable Pastilles to Support and
Comfort Your Digestive System

Why | Laxatin

Laxatin® is a high-quality innovative food supplement consist of herbal extracts with laxative effect to support and comfort your digestive system. There no additives in its content that may be harmful to you. Its specially designed form allows you to chew easily, thus comfort your digestive system.

For Your Comfort

In recognition of the importance of digestion for human health, we have specially designed laxatin in order for you to overcome your digestive system problems and live in comfort.

Easy-to-Chew Form and Excellent Taste

Thanks to its specially designed and developed form, you can chew without sticking or harming your teeth. In addition to the natural herbal flavors, it provides an excellent taste with the apricot and fig aroma.

No Sugar, No Gluten, No Palm Oil

In the formulation of laxatin, we do not use any sugar, gluten or palm oil. Its herbal content is free from any substances that may be harmful to you.

Special Packaging

The blister packaging prevents from air contact and allows you to consume laxatin always fresh.

Ingredients And Instructions For Use

Active Ingredient: In Each Chewable Form

Hibiscus Extract: 15,14 mg
Coconut Oil: 4,54 mg
Fig Extract: 1,51 mg
Inulin: 378,4 mg
Clove Oil: 1,51mg
Fennel Oil: 1,51 mg
Ginger Extract: 3,63 mg

As a food supplement, it is recommended to be consumed up to 4 chewable forms daily for 11 years and older.