Chewable Food Supplement Consisting of Beta Glukan and Multivitamins

Why | Kidmins

Kidmins® is a quality and innovative food supplement that prioritizes children's health and offers the necessary vitamins for the immune system and development of children in a specially designed chewable form with ease of use.

Easy-to-Chew Form

Thanks to its specially designed and developed form, your child can easily chew without any need for water.
Unlike the ordinary vitamins, it will not stick to your child's teeth.

Excellent Taste

We provide an excellent taste of forest fruits children love and additional contribution with the Vitamins A, E and C as well. Your child will be fond of this taste.

No Sugar, No Gluten, No Palm Oil

In the formulation of kidmins, we do not use any sugar, gluten or palm oil. In its content, there are no harmful ingredients which will affect your child's health.

Special Packaging

The blister packaging prevents from air contact and allows your child to consume kidmins always fresh.

Ingredients And Instructions For Use

Etken Madde: In Each Chewable Form

Beta Clucan: 70,00 mg
Vitamin D: 12,00 µg
Vitamin C: 28,60 mg
Vitamin E: 6,00 mg
Vitamin A: 550,00 µg
Vitamin B12: 1,67 µg
Iodine: 24,00 µg

As a food supplement, it is recommended to be consumed 1 chewable form daily from 4 to 10 years old.

No drugs.