Be involved in your child's growth adventure!

Baby's Intelligent Health Manager

2-in-1 growth tracker, monitors multi-dimensional growth index, data automatically uploaded to complimentary app BonBaby, generates personalized growth curve and delivers professional advice.

Growth Record
High Accuracy
Smart APP
Cloud Storage
Enjoyable Interaction
Automatic Response

M-dimensional Growth Index

A weight scale also for height. 2-in-1 design simplifies operation and makes your home neater.

Every Millimeter Counts

Growp is an ideal present for baby. Its ±2mm accuracy helps parents to record every millimeter baby grows and every progress baby makes. No need for set up, rotate the plate to test, child can operate on his own easily.

Built for Precision, Perceives Extremely Subtle Change

Slight increase in baby's weight means a lot to parents. It has an accuracy of ±50g which is twice that of like products. Responses so rapid that subtle changes can be perceived.

Smart APP, Baby's Intelligent Health Manager

Free APP, height and weight data automatically sync through Bluetooth, no need for manual input, smart and convenient. Statistics are converted into growth curve and compared to WHO standard children growth curve for professional advice. Wholeheartedly, designed for children's health.

Enjoyable Interaction Attracts Attention of Kids

Rotate the plate, you'll receive an adorable expression greeting you and reminding you to test. Amusing interaction makes the measurement no longer dull and naughty kids would be obedient to cooperate.

No Button Design

Auto on and off by stepping on and down. Intelligent reaction, data rapidly appear on screen.

Growp - Baby's Growth Tracker

Visible height and weight data, be there throughout baby's growth journey.