femometer kaymaz egzersiz bantları

Femometer Non-Slip Exercise Bands

Gym In Your Pocket!

Why Femometer Non-Slip Exercise Bands?

Femometer Resistance Bands are an easy way to get a challenging workout without bulky and inconvenient equipment. These bands are perfect for targeting the lower body and core.

They are thicker than standard workout bands and come in higher resistances to activate hips, abs, calves and thigh. For busy people who need to maximize the benefits of a short workout, they are perfect for activating multiple muscle groups with small movements. Complete Fitness Package. This straightforward set includes three 14,5 inch bands with resistances from 15 pounds to 50 pounds, a workout guide and a carry bag for a full fitness experience.


These anti-slip bands are made for full-body exercise, you can use them for Pilates, Yoga, Squats, Lunges, Glute Bridge, Donkey Kicks, Monster Walk, etc. The training bands will help you to exercise your hips, abs, calves, thigh and shape your perfect curvy butt.

Shape and Strengthen Your Entire Body

Got Loose Hips? Femometer Resistance Bands can help you to improve your mobility.

Enjoy Exercise

Anytime Anywhere

Non-Slip & Durable Fabric

Unlike rubber bands, these high-quality resistance bands are made from thickened & strengthened poly-cotton fabric with an anti-slip rubber layer. Never slip around, roll up or pinch your skin even you sweat a lot when you are exercising. They are durable and will provide you a lasting using experience.

Exquisite Packaging

Package includes a carrying bag, a workout instruction manual with 9 different exercises for scientific training and a set of 3 bands with different resistance levels, Light (15-25 lbs), Medium (25-35 lbs), and Heavy (35-50 lbs), which will provide you more flexibility and options for your workout routine. No matter you're a beginner or an experienced person, you will have the flexibility to achieve all your exercising goals.

Femometer Non-Slip Exercise Bands

Gym In Your Pocket!