Menstrual Cup

Do not afraid of change, comfort is with you now!

Femometer Menstrual Cup is a reusable period cup - tampon and pad alternative.

It is made of medical-grade silicone gel that causes minimum irritation and is also non-absorbent. It's widely used in health care products like baby pacifiers and catheters etc. This product does not contain dioxins or allergens. It is scent-free and non-slippery for ease of use. It will not affect daily activities and has a typical product-life of 15 years.

Why Menstrual Cup?

"Soft, Safe & Sustainable"

Femometer menstrual cup is made of superior ultra-soft medical-grade silicone that’s free of BPA and other toxic chemicals, which ensures the comfort, security & endurance of the usage. Each cup also comes with a clean sanitary bag.

"Easy to Use"

The soft silicone material makes it easy to fold and insert. The tapered & textured grip prevent slipping out of your hand & overflow all around.

"Trouble-free All Day"

No need to worry about the leakage during daytime and sleep well at nighttime. Each cup could be worn up to 12 consecutive hours

"Athletically & Environmentally Friendly"

If you live a life on the move, that’s okay. You could wear it during swimming, hiking, running & etc. A cup could be reused for many years so it will cause way less burdens to our mother earth than tampons.

Comfortable & Trouble-Free

The Femometer Menstrual Cup
provides up to an average of 12 hours of comfortable and hassle-free wearing comfort, even on the go, without the worry of leaking and the awkward feeling.
It does not affect daily activities, you can easily use it while sleeping, swimming, walking, running and all other activities.

Dimensions & Sizes

How to use Menstrual Cup

1. Fold the menstrual cup
Wash your hands,fold the menstrual cup and push it gently into the vagina. Rotate the cup to ensure it is fully open and in contact with the vagina all the way round

2. Squat or sit on a toilet
Squat or sit on a toilet and hold with your fingers and press the menstrual cup body slightly. Gently pull the menstrual cup down once you feel the seal released.

3. Wash your hands & the cup
Clean regularly by submerging in boiling water.

Menstrual Cup

Do not afraid of change, comfort is with you now!