Femometer Butterfly

Body Fat Scale Designed for Her

Tailored for Women

Careful consideration over women's menstrual cycles into the design. Monitor the subtle changes in weight & body fat. Stay healthy & stay fit.

Exquisite Appearance
Feel & Touch of Technology
Precise Measurement
Data Auto-Sync
Menstrual Cycle
Care into The Design
LED Display
Safe & Steady

Simple, Slick, Stylish

Designed by & for women. Shaped like a butterfly spreading its wings. Expressing elegance with rose-purple color. Carved in Golden ratio. Set you in a good mood for the measurement routine. The thinnest part is only 20mm. Easy for organizing.

Menstrual Cycle Care into the Design

The salinity and water content react to the hormone changes in women's body, sensitively, causing certain fluctuation in body weight. Femometer App keeps an eye on the subtle changes and precisely measure your weight & body fat data.

Detection over Multiple Signs

Cutting-edge design with the touch of the technolog. Only several seconds needed to finish the measurement once you are on the scale. Butterfly capture multiple types of metrics to better reflect the status of your body including:

Muscle Mass
Basal Metabolism
Visceral Fat Level
Bone Mass
Body Fat Rate
Body Shape
Body Score

Precise Measurement

Environmental friendly ITO coating with higher precision compared to other regular types of coating. The alternating body fat measurement technology also ensures higher reliability than the traditional direct current method.

Hidden LED Screen for Better Data Display

LED screen is installed right under the low light-transmitting surface made of ABS engineering plastic. The data will only appear when it is in use and "hide itself" when it isn't.

Autosync Data with Femometer App

Femometer Butterfly will automatically transmit the data captured to the App once paired with it. Access your data records and various intelligent analysis reports anytime through the App. Learn about the insights that matter to your wellness. Femometer wants to care you more.

Femometer Butterfly

Body Fat Scale Designed for Her