Femometer Smart Fertility and Ovulation Tracker | Understands Women in Every Period

Designed to understand women in all conditions, Femometer measures Basal Body Temperature (BBT) with its highly sensitive sensor, records the values ​​in the application and allows you to know your body better by regularly tracking changes. With the IF Design award and FDA approval, Femometer helps women get pregnant fast or avoid pregnancy naturally by better understanding their monthly cycles.

Accurate and Convenient

Auto on and off. Golden ratio and ergonomical design make it gorgeous and user-friendly.

No Screen and Button
Golden Ratio
Sync via Bluetooth
High Accuracy

Get Pregnant

Accurately predicts ovulation day and helps you to get pregnant faster.

Avoid Pregnancy

Accurately predicts fertile days and helps to you avoid pregnancy naturally.

Track Period

Accurately predicts period and helps to you better know your menstrual cycle.

Monitor Early-Stage Pregnancy

Accurately monitors progesterone during early stage pregnancy.

Automatic Syncs

Basal Body Temperature (BBT) is automatically uploaded to your phone via bluetooth.

High Accuracy ±0.09℉

The cutting-edge technology helps to measure tiny changes in your body temperature and translate them into interpretable data.

Gorgeous Colors

Choose one of two great colors: Pink or Purple.