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Chewable Food Supplement Consisting of
Beta Glukan and Multivitamins

Unit Price: 59,00 ₺

Product Features

Beta Glucan

70,00 mg

Vitamin D

12,00 µg

Vitamin C

28,60 mg

Vitamin E

6,00 mg

Vitamin A

550,00 µg

Vitamin B12

1,67 µg


24,00 µg

Technical Specifications

Ingredients And Instructions For Use
Beta Clucan: 70,00 mg
Vitamin D: 12,00 µg
Vitamin C: 28,60 mg
Vitamin E: 6,00 mg
Vitamin A: 550,00 µg
Vitamin B12: 1,67 µg
Iodine: 24,00 µg

As a food supplement, it is recommended to be consumed 1 chewable form daily from 4 to 10 years old.

No drugs.

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