ivy LH test

Rapid Ovulation
Test (15 pc.)

Unit Price: 349,00 ₺

Product Features

Understand Your Unique LH Trends

Use the Femometer app to access further information. See the numerical value and trend of your LH levels at any time.

Never Miss the Chance

Ivy can help you identify your fertile window with better precision. Get ready to time your baby dancing perfectly!

So Easy!

Never squint at a test strip again! Ivy makes the results so obvious and easy to read.

Data Knows Where and When to Go

Data captured. Data saved. Time recorded. Done.

Technical Specifications


  • Aluminum Foil Bag Dimensions 155 mm * 45 mm
  • Single Box Dimensions 155 mm * 120 mm * 60 mm
  • Packing 15 pcs in one box.
  • Expiration Date The kit is stable within the expiry date printed on the labeling.


  • Sensitivity 25,65 miu / ml
  • Working Conditions 4°C - 30°C
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