Smart Scale and
Height Meter for Kids

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Product Features

Monitor Multi-Dimensional Growth Index

A weight scale also for height. 2-in-1 design simplifies operation and makes your home neater.

Built for Precision

The division value of Growp ruler is 0.2cm, and that of Growp scale is 50g.

Smart APP

Height and weight data automatically sync through Bluetooth, no need for manual input, smart and convenient.

Cloud Storage

All data are stored in the cloud permanently, check the data anywhere at any time.

Enjoyable Interaction

Rotate the plate, you'll receive an adorable expression, which makes the measurement no longer dull and naughty kids would be obedient to cooperate.

No Button Design

Auto on and off by stepping on and down.

Technical Specifications

Growp Height Meter

  • Wireless Transmission Bluetooth 4.1
  • Battery 2 AAA batteries, 1.5V
  • Dimensions 95mm*90mm*29mm
  • Division 2mm
  • Range 1-180cm

Growp Scale

  • Wireless TransmissionInfrared ray
  • Battery 4 AAA batteries, 1.5V
  • Dimensions 312mm * 312mm * 23.5mm
  • Division 50g
  • Range 3-150kg

System Requirements

  • IOS iPhone 5 or above with version at least iOS 8.0, iPhone 4/4s excluded.
  • Android 4.3 or above and supports Bluetooth 4.0/4.1



  • VersionV4.1
  • Distance 10 m


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