Do not wait a second
to measure your baby's fever!

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Product Features

Instant Readings

With one push, temperature is taken in 1 second and results are available instantly.

Complimentary App

The app provides you with all the previous temperature data and key insights.

Readable Under Dim Environment

Our intuitive screen makes it easy to read the recordings.

Touchable LED Screen

In one swipe of the LED screen, you’re able to see the past 5 temperature readings.

Accurate Measurements

Earmo has an accuracy of ±0.36℉ / ±0.2℃.

User-friendly Design

The ergonomically design makes it easy to hold and fits comfortably for children and adults’ ears.

Technical Specifications


  • Dimensions 155x41x31 mm
  • Color White
  • Model FT-F21
  • Weight 57g (Battery excluded)


  • Range 35°C - 42°C
  • Accuracy ±0.2°C (35°C-42°C) ±0.45°C (other ranges) ±0.54°F
  • Operation Conditions 16°C-40°C ≤85% RH

System Requirements

  • IOSiPhone 5 or above with version at least iOS 8.0, iPhone 4/4s excluded.
  • Android4.3 or above and supports Bluetooth 4.0/4.1


  • Version V4.1
  • Distance 10 m


  • Model 2 AA batteries
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