Electronic Nasal Aspirator

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Product Features

Safe Material

Certified non-toxic material to secure baby’s health.

Strong Power

Two sizes of soft aspiration tip appeal to different conditions and protect baby’s nasal cavity.

Easy To Use

Press to maintain the suction or release it as needed. Safe and convenient.

Easy To Clean

Tips, collection cup and head part can be taken off and washed using water.

Music Function

12 different children’s tunes helps to comfort your baby.

Cute Styling

With the shape of dolphin and beautiful color choices, it can be your baby’s friend.

Technical Specifications


  • Dimensions 98.5x45.3x143 mm
  • Color Pink, Blue
  • Model NS2
  • Weight 146g (battery excluded)


  • Model2 AA batteries

Aspiration Tip

  • Max Vacuum Pressure≥350mmHg
  • MaterialSoft silicone


  • Sound Pressure Level ≤80dB
  • Specs 3V/DC


  • Operation16℃ - 35℃, 61℉ - 95℉, with RH up to 85%
  • Storage-10℃ - 55℃, -14℉ - 131℉, with RH up to 85%
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