breathwell 12

Chewable Throat Pastilles
with Herbal Content

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Product Features

Horse Radish Extract

22,20 mg

Black Currant Extract

13,40 mg

Hyaluronic Acid

15 mg

Cardamom Oil

800 μg

Licorice Extract

26 mg

Myrrh Oil

400 μg

Cinnamon Oil

1,40 mg

Vitamin C

32,40 mg

Technical Specifications

Ingredients And Instructions For Use

Horse Radish Extract: 22,20 mg
Black Currant Extract: 13,40 mg
Hyaluronic Acid: 15 mg
Cardamom Oil: 800 μg
Licorice Extract: 26 mg
Myrrh Oil: 400 μg
Cinnamon Oil: 1,40 mg
Vitamin C: 32,40 mg

As a food supplement, it is recommended to be consumed up to 4 chewable forms daily for 11 years and older. 

No drugs.

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