Chewable Throat Pastilles with Herbal Content

Why | Breathwell

Breathwell® is a quality and innovative food supplement containing herbal extracts. It does not contain any additives. Thanks to its specially designed form, you can easily chew and relieve your breathing.


It all starts with a good breath. Meet breathwell, we have specially designed for you.

Easy-to-Chew Form and Excellent Taste

Thanks to its specially designed and developed form, you can chew without sticking to your teeth. In addition to the natural herbal flavors, it provides relief with the menthol and also offers an excellent taste with the blackberry and linden aroma.

No Sugar, No Gluten, No Palm Oil

In the formulation of breathwell, we do not use any sugar, gluten or palm oil. Its herbal content is free from any substance that may be harmful to you.

Special Packaging

The blister packaging prevents from air contact and allows you to consume breathwell always fresh.

Ingredients And Instructions For Use

Acive Ingredient: In Each Chewable Form

Horse Radish Extract: 22,20 mg
Black Currant Extract: 13,40 mg
Hyaluronic Acid: 15 mg
Cardamom Oil: 800 μg
Licorice Extract: 26 mg
Myrrh Oil: 400 μg
Cinnamon Oil: 1,40 mg
Vitamin C: 32,40 mg

As a food supplement, it is recommended to be consumed up to 4 chewable forms daily for 11 years and older.

No drugs.