(Glycyrrhiza Glabra)

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it is good for sore throat and cough, cleanses the respiratory system and is an expectorant. It protects and supports the liver. It is preventive and protective against liver damage caused by viruses. It reduces symptoms of chronic fatigue and malaise, increases energy and relieves exhaustion.

(Commiphora Myrrh)

It helps treat certain diseases related to upper respiratory tract, such as cold and bronchial obstruction, strengthens the immune system and protects the body from infections. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, it prevents the formation of mouth sores. It also has a sedative and relaxing effect.

(Armoracia Rusticana)

It has antibiotic properties; it is rich in sodium, magnesium, calcium and vitamin C. It gives energy to make the body more active anddynamicandis effective in the treatment of influenza and high fever. Thanks to its strong odour, it helps prevent infection and helps eliminate mucus in the upper respiratory system.

(Eletteria Cardamomum)

It supports the alleviation of symptoms of respiratory diseases. It improves pulmonary circulation. It is especially effective in softening the throat. It helps soothe the respiratory system and relieve cough associated with throat inflammation.

Hyaluronic Acid
(Acidum Hyaluronic)

It is found in every tissue of the body and is responsible for performing certain vital activities. One of its most important benefits is to strengthen the immune system. It is also good for hoarseness and contributes to the healing process of damaged vocal cords.

(Cinnamomum Verum)

It is rich in calcium and iron and high in antioxidants. It helps alleviate the symptoms of sore throat and throat obstruction. It also helps eliminate fungi that cause respiratory tract mycology. It is also a natural cough suppressant.