Cayma Hakkı

Right of Withdrawal

Terms of the Right of Withdrawal

1) A consumer is entitled to withdraw from the agreement within fourteen days without having to offer a reason or incurring any penalties.

2) The right of withdrawal period begins on the day the consumer or their designee accepts delivery of the goods. However, the consumer may also exercise the right of withdrawal at any time between execution of the agreement and actual delivery of the goods.

Exercising the Right of Withdrawal

1) It is sufficient to deliver – in writing or via a permanent data register – a notice of withdrawal to the vendor before expiry of the right of withdrawal.

2) When exercising the right of withdrawal, the consumer should include an express declaration of their decision to withdraw. The withdrawal decision should be e-mailed to and obtain confirmation that the withdrawal request has been received by the vendor.

Consumer’s Obligations

1) The consumer must return the goods to the vendor within ten days after sending the notice of withdrawal.

2) The consumer will be responsible for any alterations or deterioration, if they used the goods in line with the intended purpose, technical specifications and instructions for use within the period of withdrawal.

Exceptions to the Right of Withdrawal

1) Unless agreed otherwise by the parties, the consumer may not withdraw from agreements involving:

a) Goods or services whose price is variable depending on financial market fluctuations and therefore reasonably not in control of the vendor or the provider;

b) Goods which are customized to meet the consumer’s specific requests or personal needs;

c) Delivery of goods which may easily perish or expire;

d) Goods where packaging, tape, seal, wrapping or other protective components were removed after delivery, and which may not returned for health or hygiene reasons;

e) Goods which, after delivery, becomes mingled with other products and cannot be separated, owing to the product’s nature;

f) Books, digital content or computer consumables offered on a physical medium, if the packaging, tape, seal, wrapping or other protective components were removed;

g) Delivery of periodicals, such as newspapers or magazines, unless provided under a subscription agreement;

h) Lodging, moving of items, vehicle rental or catering, or entertainment or other recreational activities, which must take place at a certain time and date;

i) Services which are instantly rendered electronically or intangible goods which are delivered instantly to the consumer; and

j) Services whose rendering had begun with the consumer’s approval before expiration of the right of withdrawal.