Conception Made Easy: 2 Simple Ways to Get Pregnant Now

Getting pregnant is easy, right? So many people do it without even trying. For many, especially younger couples, conception is as easy as…well, sex! For couples who are a little older, a little less virile, or just want a little more control over their procreation, here are two surefire ways to conceive.

Focus Fire

If you have a regular menstrual cycle, meaning your periods tend to start the same number of days apart every month, then you may want to try the Focus Fire method. You focus your sexual energy on the six-day fertile window of every month. A period tracking app can be very helpful for this, and should give you a pretty good prediction of when your fertile window and ovulation are. Since sperm can survive for several days and the egg is only viable for 12-24 hours, it’s best to have sex in the days leading up to ovulation, and the day of, rather than waiting until the day after.

If you don’t mind daily testing, there are also ovulation tests that can be helpful and give you a more precise estimate of when you will ovulate. Similar to pregnancy tests, you can get ovulation tests that detect the hormones in your urine 1-3 days before ovulation. For the best results, test twice a day, in the morning and night.

You can also try a basal body thermometer, which is used every morning before you get out of bed, to track your temperature. There will be a slight increase of less than half a degree Fahrenheit just after ovulation. Since it’s best to focus on having sex just before ovulation, this tool is best used as a way to double check the accuracy of app tracking and other tests.

The last ovulation testing method is tracking your cervical mucus. If you tend to have a lot of vaginal discharge, this can be as easy as checking the toilet paper after you wipe. Otherwise you can check your cervical fluid internally by using clean fingers inserted in the vagina to scoop it out. Everyone is different, so pay attention to any changes in color, consistency, and amount that coincides with your expected fertile window. This method is best for those who are very comfortable with their body.

Spray and Pray

If all of that testing and tracking sounds like a headache, don’t worry. Couples are just as likely to get pregnant by using the Spray and Pray method. This method couldn’t be easier, no ovulation testing, no temperature tracking, you don’t even need to know when your fertile window is. This is especially helpful to those with irregular cycles. Simply have sex every other day. That’s it. You can do it every day if you feel like it, but that can be hard to maintain for many couples. How does this work? Like I mentioned earlier, sperm can survive for days in your body, typically between 2 and 6. If you have sex every other day, you’re insuring that there will always be sperm waiting to fertilize your egg.

If you’re still not pregnant after six months, make an appointment with your doctor to talk about you and your partner’s fertility. No matter which method you use, try not to forget to have fun! You may not always feel like doing the deed, but try to make the best of it, and really enjoy the times when you are both in the mood. Try to mix it up and keep it fresh with things like games, toys, role playing, and different positions. As long as his sperm gets inside your vagina, it doesn’t matter which position you’re in or what other sex acts you do, so have some fun with it!